Cooking class

Cooking class

Once visiting Hoi An, you should not miss Tra Que plantation village, which is one of Hoi An attractions of both domestic and international tourists. Local farmers here have unique method of planting their produces. Taking advantage of their fertile soil, they have fertilized their gardens by orgarnic seaweed and traditional treatments, which brings rich flavors to Tra Que Aproduces. Visitors can experience being a farmer by digging the soil, watering vegetables, and enjoying delicious dishes made from fresh organic produces. Your taste would be satisfied with all flavors - spicy, sour, sweet, bitter and acrid — of remarkable Tra Que vegetables.

Learning how to make the traditional Vietnamese dishes with directions of our chef and ernjoying your self-prepared lunch with the menu below.


Morning / Afternoon

- Meet our chef at reception with complimentary cold towel & herbal tea

- Visiting Tra Que Plantation Village and surrounding areas by bicycles

- Being a farmer and harvesting produces

- Ride the buffalo or buffalo car

- Foot massage & Herbal foot-soaking

A complimentary dish with your choice of Steam Rice with fish in clay pot or Cao Lau.